An Orphan’s Vengeance

Darkling I watch
Vexed, overwrought
They wring their hands, they offer munificent entreaties, they prattle, they thought                           That I could be fooled.

Ghastly, nauseating churls; how dare they show their faces
In a place so exquisitely created for the pure, the humble, those seeking forgiveness                 His death even now ignites anger; instills an iron resolve
To obtain vengeance.

I will not be impetuous; I will methodically plan
I will ignore the conflagration of the heart and soul                                                                             I will stifle its flaming emotion;
Until Retribution is mine.

I can almost hear their scaly tails slither behind them
They examine my intentions;
I see the narrow pupils in their transfixed eyes; searching mine for clues                                     But I steel my emotions; my eyes are but two black voids
My mind is impenetrable now, hardened “as an Indian-rubber ball”

They leave, sullen, with stiffened necks
I watch them through the casement…they speak in low, urgent tones
The sky has become velvet; sequined with burning diamonds…
I see them and have hope
This time, they were unsuccessful
There was once an age when I would have been tempted; would have been drawn in                 But I was quickly cloyed.

My brother was not. He joined for glory for money, for distraction… I know not.                             My brother ignored the fundamental teachings we have both been taught
He ignored my desperate pleas, my fervent; then angry, warnings
For ablution and forgiveness, for hearing God’s clear message

I tried in vain
But the Devil is sly and cunning.

Now my brother is in his eternal bed
I know not where his soul has strayed
But I will live only for revenge;
Then I shall join with him and ferry his lost soul to heaven.

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