T’was cruel to betoken the men she ne’er loved;                                                                           Their requests she dismissed as prate,
Because the all-knowing God from up above                                                                             Would assay, then descry, her ill fate.

For Elza thought naught of the men who beseeched
So desperately for her embrace;
All hoping perchance that their aims would be reached;                                                               That she would comply in good grace

E’er relentless men attempt her heart’s myst’ry to solve,                                                             Alas, to no meager avail;
‘Till after long torment congeals their resolve:
Her love is not worth the travail.

Each man who came to the threshold of her heart                                                                       Was met with promise, then disdain.
Fearing feelings for him she’d force them apart;                                                                         Ne’er once did she ponder their pain

Fair Elza deemed love to be fleeting and rare;                                                                             Meant only to importune her,
Thus, when a man would lay his tender soul bare,                                                                       She’d go all lengths to avoid hurt.

In evading the pain that was so sure to come,                                                                                 She deemed all men’s hearts imperv’yus.
The lonely men wallowed in languish and rum;                                                                               Their friends and their kin all quite fyur’yus.

And while crumbling asunder were their spirits,                                                                                A sad madrigal their souls played;
Singing several soft sadistic lyrics,
When Elza’s luck slowly decayed.

With men’s severed souls splayed ‘round her path,                                                                     Elza’s fate for her sins was found.
No longer would she escape God’s mighty wrath;                                                                         She felt the pain of those around.

Among those around her the suff’ring was worse,                                                                         And as it may be predicted;
In avoiding her pain she was caught in a curse;                                                                             One entirely self-inflicted.

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