A Cinderella Story

Cinderella’s stepmother fancied herself a scepter                                                                           She never loved poor Cinderella or strove to protect her                                                              Instead she chided, spurnéd, and decided to reject her.

So Cinderella scrubbed the hearth and laved the kitchen floor                                                       Her jovial stepsisters’ antics made her wish for more                                                                     Until one day she said, “Enough! This living is a bore.”

Indeed this was a verity; fairy godmother said,                                                                                   “I augur life will change anon.  Now Cindy, go to bed.”                                                                   But Cindy, with malevolence, formed other plans instead.

Alas, no handsome prince arrived to woo her as his bride                                                               So Cinderella, all alone, was disposed to decide                                                                         She’d improve life by ending one- resort to parricide!

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