Dendrite tree

an orb in a neural web hanging brilliant by a nervous thread

delicate, the spindle drop releases dew with a soft plop

the globule accelerates, oozing through the folds of the master contortionist

he is your greatest asset, ficklest friend, and deadliest weakness

who bids the words that spil forth from your lips

reddened by his pigments and torn by his teeth


traverse the thickets of dendritic spines and sparking, prickly questions

bridge the gap and leap like fire to the next intangibility

chug those train wheels just as fast as you dare

without slipping off the tracks


take care


he will loose epiphanies and conniptions in equal measures from his slippery folds

infect you with noxious thoughts and trembling insanities

exploit his immense potency over your every heartbeat

enslave you to his shocking, electric will power


and sparkfire-trundle down preordained tracks

apathetic towards the irony that is humanity

an entity that by its very composition is doomed to be

itself; most indebted to its greatest enemy

until it masters the master.mind

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