Eating logic

Powerful stare from beneath intense eyebrows
Utter control
Striding with purpose
Her golden fingertips drip invincibility into the carpet

Her femininity permeates the air
A quick turn, a scent detected
His eyes narrow, his pupils dilate, his heart races
A conquest tasted before capture
Intimidation creeps, mixed with sweet, invigorating challenge
Her pride and her prejudice will both meet their demise

Always pushing away, standing alone, independent squared shoulders
Though they fling blades of scorn and spray with gouts of looking down their noses
After glimpsing her piercing eyes, the sexist cringe and look away

He is not one of them, she knows
But her thoughts repel instinct, twining through an overactive neural network
She meets his eyes, and they
Explode into a fiery burst of light without order
Logic is eaten; swept away in the flames

Hidden among the purines and pyrimidines
A primitive green instinctual repressed something
In reckless wild abandon rears its head and
Force the beholder to open, accept, submit

Blink back tears of freedom, realization, peace
In being taken, owned, directed
She was, essentially, released

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