Yell at the loneliness

the eerie in mystified pooled
a mist hangs over shadowed eyes
out of the corners of their eyes, I glimpse doppelgängers
fading into the shade, crowded with the lost

self-pity reeks of putrefied flesh,
hatching rusted snails with slimy roots muttering along carefully placed leaf circles
that crinkle and disintegrate when I look at them with the slightest disdain
but then I forget

I should cherish mediocrity
because it outcompetes nonexistence
nothing is actually 100% perfectly blue and symmetrical
hush now,
accept the violin with the broken string and the fat cat
with the toe missing

if you wander through the apple orchard
and the applies fly away
go find another orchard
yell at the loneliness and it will cease

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