Finding a Voice for Non-Human Persons

I wrote a guest post for Ursa Sapiens, the Triple Helix’s blog, about dolphins and other non-human persons! Check it out here:



That’s me. As white as they get.  But apparently it’s not just because I’m Caucasian, but also because I’m a woman!

Research indicates that females are lighter in skin pigmentation than males.  Why?  Females need lots of calcium for lactation and pregnancy, and Vitamin D apparently helps you absorb more calcium.  Thus, lighter skin = higher absorption of Vitamin D = higher absorption of calcium = happier, healthier babies.

Funny girl baby 06

I wonder if tanning can have an effect on absorption of calcium?  If you absorb less calcium as you get darker, surely that would have an effect on your ability to provide calcium to your children?  Just another reason not to go to tanning beds, I suppose… especially when you’re pregnant!